With current down turn in the offshore rig market more rigs are becoming idle and companies are taking the decision to cold stack their assets. Black Gold would like the opportunity to provide the rig preservation services to protect your offshore and land rigs.


Black Gold works with clients to determine the best preservation plan to protect the individual units, this could be either warm or cold stacking the rig. We provide all the chemicals and preservatives required to properly preserve the rig from the crown to the ground.


We can provide all necessary manpower or key supervision utilizing client’s personnel for targeted work scopes. The advantage of using Black Gold services is that the personnel are rig people who understand the equipment and how it operates.


At Black Gold Services we use the latest technology and methodology in Vapor phase Corrosion Inhibitor (VpCI) for the preservation process. We will not only protect and preserve all your iron we will also see that the sensitive electrical and electronic components are protected as well. You will find that these chemicals are non-toxic and environmental friendly and effective.


The VpCI products protect parts and are ready for immediate use with no special removal requirements.


You will find that Black Gold prices are very competitive and you will be hiring a professional service company dedicated to properly preserving your company asset.