Rig components and parts

Black Gold Services Pte Ltd has you covered for all your equipment requirements. We strive to supply the customer with the highest quality O.E.M. spare parts available in our industry. All of our products meet or exceed manufacturer and/or API specifications.

O.E.M. spares are available for the following equipment:

•  Mud Pumps  

•  Blocks              

•  Clutches

•  Drawworks    

•  Handling Tools

•  Brakes

•  Rotary Tables

•  Fishing Tools

•  Hydraulic Components

•  BOP’s & Control Systems

•  Rig Instrumentation

•  Rotary Hoses

•  Swivels           

•  SCR parts

•  Choke & Kill Hoses

•  Hooks              

•  Centrifugal Pumps

•  Bearings & Seals


•  Electrical parts


We can offer NEW US made drilling rig packages for sale designed by drillers for performance. These rig packages offered are a proposed rig package and can be modified to meet the customers unique drilling program requirements before construction. A proposed rig layout with dimensions for a site plan can be provided if needed. The rig packages can be offered as new, rebuilt or a combination of both.