West Seno Field Development


Scope of Work:

BGS drilling team was involved in the engineering design and planning for deep water wells in the West Seno field and had significant contributions in the design of Tension Leg Platforms

Located within the deepwater portion of the Kutei Basin in East Kalimantan, in water depths of 2400 to 3200 feet, 50 kilometers northeast of the giant Attaka Field on the Kutei Basin shelf.

The BGS Team was critical in the deepwater discovery and delineation wells of this development, which comprises of two Tension Leg Platforms (TLP), one Floating Production Unit (FPU), and two export pipelines tied back to existing onshore infrastructure - handling oil and gas production with the peak rates estimated to be 60 MBOPD and 150 MMCFD respectively. Lines were laid out by the pipelay vessel to approx. 1,060m of water at the FPU location.